• Healing Through Nature is the business as created by ella hope. 
  • ella hope is the Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide.
  • She is owner of the Mother Earth Eco-Center, and author of 7Phases® Books.
  • She is  creator of over one hundred 7Phases® Daily Practice-Videos on Complementary Healing, Vibrational Medicine, Eco-Shamanic Practice, Women’s Spirituality.
  • Ella is the facilitator of the 7Phases®  Trainings and online courses. The Teachings and Ethics are maintained under strict protocol and protection from the corresponding Elemental Realms (Landscapes), and Spirit Realms, in Service to Mother Earth, aligned with the Elemental Ethics of Nature: Peace, Love & Healing. 

The 7Phases® Products & Services


The products and services of Healing Through Nature, that include the Online Courses, Books & Trainings, are protected and identified under the 7Phases® Trademark.  The books are also protected under Registered Copyrights since 1999.



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