A. Directors/ Founders of Non-Profits/ Conferences  

B. Students (with additional Testimonials not on the Homepage)

C. Ritual Dance Theatre Performance (Directors of Conferences & celebrants/audience) 


-- Goddess Temple of Orange County.  “Empowering Women to lead the world to goodness".  In appreciation,  Ava Presiding Priestess.

" If Ella Hope is on the schedule to teach, present a workshop, or perform at a festival or conference, I would make plans to attend any conference just to see her … she is that powerful and memorable. We here at The Goddess Temple of Orange County, a church for the empowerment of women, are some of her biggest fans. "

-- Director, Women in Religion/ Seattle Colleges 

" At Seattle Colleges, I want our students to be exposed to a wide variety of ideas and philosophies about Women and Religion.  I  feel that Ella Hope’s speaking sessions are successful in this endeavor.  I appreciate the great care and effort that she takes. "

~  Author of book: Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries.  Founder of Guardians of the Grove: a southern Michigan grove of Temple of Diana, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit federally-recognized Dianic temple. We are a religious and educational organization that provides rituals, educational classes, and workshops to nurture the spiritual needs of female individuals through healing, empowerment, and celebration: Ruth Barrett, author, musician, educator. 

"Ella Hope’s commitment to the healing power of nature, ritual, and movement, is part of her being. The most accurate description of Ella that I can give is “elemental”. I believe that in other times she would have been considered “otherworldly”, or Fay (of the faerie folk). I have experienced Ella’s work, including dance performances. She facilitates ritual-based workshops.

I believe that Ella has unique perspectives and skills to offer those who wish to step off the well trodden path, into an enchanted forest. "

-- Non-profit Founder/ Director.   Sacred Circle of Great Mystery Shamanic Society Shamanism Conference B.C. Canada: Reverend Agr. Elder John-Luke Edwards (B.Ed, MA, Ph.D, OICGM)

"Ella has been a repeat Presenter at our annual Conferences, and almost a given at our Shamanic Gatherings; she is respectful and honoring of the diverse traditions and participants.

To rate her workshop on a scale of 1-10, her workshops are a 10. Not only are her presentations well received, but Ella involves herself in and supports the other presenters. She is gentle, thoughtful and truly appreciative of the work of others.

Our Society is proud to welcome her back every year. She has knowledge and expertise about her topics, and speaks from a place of integrity and knowledge that comes from research, experience and passion.

Her strong points as a presenter are her ability to hold and inspire, and her enthusiastic passion in her subject. In working with participants, she is amazing — her feedback is always 100% positive She fulfills our expectations and her workshop flyer describes accurately what transpired; she offered much more, always mindful of the needs of her audience.

We chose her to present for our organization because of her ability to work and cooperate in teams and to understand the purpose of our very precise events.

Her presentations fill very quickly and her participants are truly moved and inspired. As the sponsor, we find her easy-going, flexible, reliable, straightforward, passionate and committed. She is being repeatedly invited back. "

— Director, Society for the Study of Shamanism: A Non-profit Educational Organization Conference: “Indigenous Wisdom and Shamanism”.  CA.

" We thank Ella Hope for her beautiful work --  a three-time annual presenter -- at the Indigenous Wisdom and Shamanism Conference. We send her Blessings and support for her work. Each year, we ask that she present at the Conference again. "

—Educator/ musician, Celtic Harp. Moderator for the Forked Stick, Circle of Great Mystery/ Shamanism Conference: Jeff Stockton

"It was a gift to have Ella Hope bring her Joy, and facilitate the Ceremony at the gathering in Samish (U.S.A Shamanism Conference)!  We were touched by the way her heart is just so open, and the sense of wonder she brings to her work. Ella has had some amazing adventures in travel and spirit, and she also shared with us on our Podcast “The Forked Stick”.  One of the reasons we thought she would be a perfect fit (sharing on Ecstasy) is the simple observation that she has lived intimately with the experience of ecstasy...as a dancer, as a shaman, as an adventurer."

— Director Friends of the Trees Society: Working for a greener earth since 1978 Founder of Singing Alive/ Event organizer: The Fairy & Human Relations Congress: The Congress is dedicated to Promoting Communication andCo-Creation with Nature Spirits, Devas and the Faery Realms: Michael Pilarski

"Ella Hope has been a repeat presenter at the annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress. I have attended two of her workshops there and have heard comments from others. Ella lives and breathes her subject-matter. She is now working on the 3rd volume of a set of books relating to the topics of nature communication and they are very thick books. She has strong communication with other realms and helps people make contact. She prepares a lot ahead of time. Very thorough.  Participants like her — she is very personable and obviously knows her stuff. Her material online attracted us initially. Participants love her!  Fine to work with.  Very gracious and accommodating. (Rating her workshop on a scale of 1-10 excellent): 10 excellent. "

-- Director of Non-Profit and co-founder: Goddess Spirit Rising International Goddess Conference, Simi Valley, CA

"Ella Hope has contributed as a teacher and performance artist (since 2013) -- in making the International Goddess Conference -- a huge success. "

—  Tohunga Priest. Founder of Conference. "My name is Raymond TeKorako Ruka. I belong to a matriarchal peace nation from Aotearoa, New Zealand called Waitaha, the water carriers. I am an Elder and Tohunga (priest), and I speak on peace and love. The Waitaha are an ancient matriarchal peace nation who settled in the pacific basin millennia ago. They have maintained their oral records, and from those transmitted understandings have preserved the wisdoms of the ancient clay people who gave birth to humanity.”

“For the Gathering titled: Indigenous Wisdom, Finding Faith in the Unfathomable Mystery, I wracked my brain (while asking Spirit) who do I know in this Red Land, best exemplifies the Message of my Grannies. I needed an individual who could sit alongside me and hold the rank of Grandmother of Waitaha. The answer came immediately — Ella, who has been called and follows her heart — to humble herself before the forests, waterways, children and Spirit, of the gentle land I call home. She is part of the unfolding, unfathomable Mystery.”

— Author of the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries (and many other books). Founder of The Women's Spirituality Forum: nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization to help promote the Goddess' sacred work and development of all women: Zsuzsanna Budapest.   

“ I ordain women who work as Dianics, namely the Goddess is everything, and women are the focus.  Nature is the Big Book of knowledge and our deeds are the measure of accomplishment.   I wish to share my Congratulations to Ella on her work.  She certainly deserves my ordination. I have watched her evolve over the years. She has traveled a Fairy Path. ”


— Washington State University. Ordained Elder of Sacred Circle Great Mystery Shamanic Society: Kate

“This is my testimonial for Ella Hope — as a teacher for the Healing Through Nature workshop that I attended at her Mother Earth Eco-Center.  As a teacher, she is inspiring to me.  Her gentle approach carries an undeniable strength.  For me that strength manifests as a loving support.  When I work within her safe space, be it at her Eco-Center or in a place where she happens to be teaching, I am able to find firm, stable ground from which I can do even the most heart wrenching work.  As a teacher I find she provides a space to do the work I want to do at the moment, be it deep or surface.  I adore working with her and I will never miss an opportunity to do so.  

The workshop was a great one for me.  It give me clarity on something that I began working on at the US Shamanism Conference in Bow, WA.  I have heard the Dream Lines call me often, but I have not responded due to the sense of duty I felt for another path.  I knew the other path was not right for me, but I had made a commitment and I stuck with it until I came to a cross road.  The work I did during her workshop gave me the time to explore my path and commit to it.  Here are some of my "take-aways" from your teaching….”

— Individual Client. Documentary Film-maker. CBS war-zone: I.M.C.

"As one of her individual clients, I wish to share my Congratulations to Ella Hope, for her achievements in her Healing Arts (Healing Through Nature), which in turn help others achieve. Ella has pulled it out of the void—from where all proceeds. A wondrous world of her own — has blossomed.  I am (I know I’ve said it before) and will always be grateful for her healing methods in Nature which Ella practiced with me -- when I was given 20% chance of surviving my stem cell transplant to eradicate my lymphoma, and 10% of surviving 2 years after that.   And here I am 12 years later, I just got back from surfing overhead waves in Costa Rica.

I believe Ella Hope had an influence in that outcome. (I always tell the doctors that, to keep them humble—the truth shall set them free)."

— Licensed psychotherapist with private practice: Holly from Bainbridge Island, WA.

"I thank Ella for all the colors, white light, deep ocean wisdom, soulful integration and bright ecstatic dancing she provided for us — this weekend Training at the Mother Earth Eco-Center -- through her Loving Priestessing Presence.

I originally was drawn to Ella Hope’s work because of the embodied way she is working to care for our planet, herself and others. I hope I can continue to learn from her — how to listen to Spirit, in order to do this very important work of the Mother. 

I spend so much time in nature walking, meandering, and contemplating, but I am wanting to deepen my walk with Her and find new ways of reaching out to be of service to Her and to feel myself in direct relationship with all the plant and animal life around me.

I feel Ella’s work can teach me more how to do this....How can She/ the Great Mother work through me?  How I can really have my roots entwine with theirs? All of Life. The great drum beat.

I continue to chew and contemplate so many of the topics we discussed, danced and dreamed together.  Soul contract, Calling, Code and Dream Lines are such meaty and juicy topics!!!!  In some ways it feels like we just touched our toe on the waters surface. I want more!  I also very much enjoyed hearing about Ella’s personal path, it made all the texts she was reading (including her own textbooks) very grounded in the experiential.  And it is exciting to get to know you more.

Really I just need to get out of my own way, my own head, my own small box; I think Ella’s work really Shines in how to do that. It is so inspiring for me to witness her daring so bravely and walking so purely her Soul Contract. It is truly amazing her ability to walk through this world with that kind of warrioress drishti focus. 

Ella’s workshop has definitely got me thinking about what my Soul Contract is? and how I can best live my life in service to That!  I know it has a lot to do with the Wild Woman, joyful connection, promoting healing of our Earth and the Great She. I continue to sit with this wisdom and see what illumination living brings to me surrounding this topic. So many blessings. ”

—- Student from Workshop in Kauai: Jasmine

"I am grateful to Ella, and thank her for holding her workshops on Healing Through Nature. She  shared with all of us her light and knowing. Her presence is impeccable, so bright and so needed.

I loved how she holds the space with respect and a warm heart; she leads strongly and has clear verbal informing instruction, that she maintains through the workshop and entire ritual.  She is amazing.  In everything she lays out — the guided meditation, and all the options and opportunities — she gave to connect with the Other Worlds. I also loved the opportunities  to meditate and sit in quiet on our own, and connect with the land, and our selves. I am thankful for her sharing of wisdom and her presence. I look forward to the advanced practices that she also offers."

— Licensed psychotherapist with private practice. Facilitator of women’s group: Cindy.

“We thank Ella for coming today and sharing her amazing experiences (with our women's group).  She brings with her  the energy of the world through her connection to her Path and her meeting with the Elders.  We really want to thank her for what she is doing and sharing it with us.  It is really important work that she does.  The fact that she has this unique opportunity to connect with some of the most amazing people on the planet and then to bring it back and share it with all of us on Camano Island is so wonderful. We thank her. She is a beacon of that light.  She is bringing that with her everywhere she goes. We  thank her for anchoring that light with every step and in every walk of life that she walks.  I feel blessed to have her in  my life and a part of the woman's group where she can share her gifts freely.  We thank her.  Big love and many blessings.”

— Student: Glastonbury, England. "With love and blessings,  Susan"

"Ella Hope's workshop on Healing Through Nature, at the Glastonbury Goddess Festival really touched me deep. It answered questions that I have walked around with for some time. Questions about ritual and questions about what healing method would suit me.

The warming-up in three steps and cooling down in three steps, showed me a phasing in ritual of flowing creating structure. Creating safe portals to go through in and out of ritual. Steps often forgotten to be important for the ones not organizing the ritual.

The healing by myself, as seeking healing, I experienced as the perspective. Giving the one seeking healing the tools to heal yourself without getting dependent on the healer. I experienced the removal/replacing energy as a very powerful tool and I really had to step over a threshold to do it there and then. I can only see what power it holds (and vulnerability) when you take the time and space to go deeper. 

Besides the workshop I was really touched (as well as others I heard) the Ritual Theatre Dance that ella performed in the Glastonbury Town Hall."

-- Workshop Participant Food Co-op WA.

“ I attended Ella Hope’s workshop at the Food Co-op a few weeks back. The insight and the practices that she  shared where extremely helpful...I am currently using some of the meditation techniques, blended with my own practice to center myself at the end of a busy work day in Wellness!  I filled out a feedback sheet and also sent it to the Co-op Director, a glowing review, but since I received your voicemail, I just though I'd drop a few lines, too.  Thank You!  I feel that spiritual healing, like art, should be grounded, and the dialogue surrounding it should be accessible to more people.  I wish to thank her.” ~ Beth W.

—- Women of Wisdom Foundation: A National Women's Organization, has served women with The WOW Conference™ since 1993 and many other diverse and innovative programs. WOW gives voice to the feminine wisdom within all and transforms our personal and collective consciousness. WOW midwifes the evolutionary shift through a model of circle leadership creating the balance of feminine and masculine energies. The WOW Way empowers women's voices and their contributions to the world, in partnership with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

Women of Wisdom: Testimonials


1. Madeleine:  The part of the workshop that most resonated with me were the crystal bowl opening meditation, which got me into the session immediately, as well as the Jade-tree energy, which was in the center of our group-circle throughout.  Yes, I will continue to practice in Nature.  The parts of the workshop that helped me learn the most were your movements (demonstrations) and enthusiasm.

2. Cindy: All parts of the workshop resonated with me — thank you ! Yes, I will continue to practice in nature, and integrate what we learned today. Your stories were great and provided deeper understanding.  You did a great job staying on track and were able to fit it all in and put it all together.

3.  Cynthia. Thank you for the workshop.  I enjoyed the workshop. In your workshop, I liked the experiential part. I felt healing in my body. The parts of the workshop that helped me the most were the educational parts and the experiential parts.

4. Isis from Holland. I loved the ritual that we did – how you put it in practice—what you were telling us.  The seven deeper layers of perception.  I had the opportunity to participate in a shamanic journey, but I had no preparation.  This session helped me to understand it, as well as some things of my daily life. Thank you so much! You were wonderful and the energy you shared with us was amazing. I haven’t interact a lot with nature in my life, but now there is something pulling me to it.  This workshop/ you have helped me to understand what to do.  The only thing I would suggest is to increase the time of the workshop, it would be great to have a full 1 day workshop.

5. Cloud Sun Dancing: The parts of the workshop that were most useful to me where the Experiential parts – going through the seven phases.  The stories help me learn today. I found the technology factor w/power point to take away from the energy of the space.

6.  Heidi. The repetition of the steps/ Phases was helpful.  The spontaneous anecdotes in answer to questions was helpful.  Absolutely !! I will continue to practice in nature. The parts of the workshop helped you learn the most today were  the repetition – I really appreciated it that you brought the elements (tools/sticks-barks-earths) for us to use. Answers to questions were excellent.  Looking forward to working with you in the future .

7. Erica. The part of the workshop that was most useful to me, and resonated with me was The stories. The action of doing.  Explaining the Phases briefly like an overview of what happened and how it works early on.  This was new to me and fabulous. As a whole practice I feel I need much more guidance/practice with a teacher, but am wanting to begin with some simple elements on my own—journeying with resistances.  The parts of the stories that helped me learn were hearing (your) stories and tangents, your answers to people’s questions, and how the practice (is) done all together.

8. Phoebe.  The part that resonated with me was the process of nature immersion, to find resonance and bliss.  Yes, I will continue to practice in nature, and integrate what we shared today.  yes, I will continue to practice in nature, and take it to a deeper level.  Stories helped to understand the visceral aspects of your teaching.



— GAIA'S TEMPLE. 501C(3). Seattle, WA:  Rev. Judith Laxer 

I was enthralled with Ella Hope’s magnificent dance at the Goddess Spirit Rising Conference in Simi Valley, California in 2015. It was so much more than just a dance. Her presentation was a four part multi-media experience that led her audience from the cosmic beginnings of life all the way through to modern times depicting the renaissance of the Divine Feminine. The production values were top quality; the music, the set, the costumes, the choreography, but mostly, Ella herself. When she emerged as an Ancient Minoan Goddess from the centrally staged construct as cosmic womb, she took my breath away. I actually gasped at the beauty of it. Her dance was graceful, powerful, and transporting. The piece culminated with the invitation for the audience to join in the dance around the center and a great vortex of energy transpired. When it was done, I felt my place in the universe, in my world, in spirit.

— GUARDIANS OF THE GROVE, DIANIC TEMPLE. 501(c)3. Founder: Ruth Barrett

I have experienced Ella’s dance performances, where she emerges from the forest in long-leaf costumes, to transform into the spirit of Mother Earth herself and the Cretan snake goddess., using movement as transformation.
“Ella Hope’s commitment to the healing power of nature, ritual, and movement, is part of her being. The most accurate description of Ella that I can give is “elemental”. I believe that in other times she would have been considered “otherworldly”, or Fay (of the faerie folk).

I believe that Ella has unique perspectives and skills to offer those who wish to step off the well trodden path into an enchanted forest.


"See the Numinous Hope Once and You Will Never Forget Her ..."

“We first witnessed Ella Hope in sacred performance at a large women’s festival in 2000; she stunned the audience with an embodied story of the oppression, then triumph, of Mother Earth, danced with incredible power and great sensitivity and costumed with authenticity and creativity. She is utterly fearless in her art, physically, emotionally and spiritually willing to go where others will not, to transmit to her audience the power of her message through movement. See the numinous Hope once and you will never forget her ... and you will, as we still do, talk about her for years afterward. Ella Hope: a unique presence on the world stage of sacred dance.”


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a Testimonial for Ella Hope about her Dance Ritual Theater at the Goddess Spirit Rising Conference.

Questions: Framework for Feedback

Question: What do you remember of the Four Dances? What aspects moved you emotionally? What aspects moved you intellectually?

Wow, these are some great questions. I remember feeling so so moved. I remember a feeling of exhaling and exhilaration and somatic presence. At one point I recall crying...for several emotional reasons...1) Just being so moved by your creativity, expression and the beauty of the whole presentation 2): feeling like an internal emotional state that I normally experience privately specifically related to the divine feminine and the contrasting creation/destruction duality of the feminine was being embodied in front of me. Does that make sense? That you, like a true artist, where able to express in dance what I had only experienced before privately in my own emotional state. Intellectually, I remember being curious as to why there were 4 stages? What those cycles mean to you personally. I was very entranced in the music and felt more of an emotional pull/presence rather than a purely intellectual/analytic presence.

A. the different regalia/costumes;
I was so moved when I first saw you come out in white. So innocent, loving, joyful unto herself. I LOVED the LED lights and how magical it looked..the free breasted Minoan priestess made me feel so empowered...reminded me of my own earthy nature...our early history...filled me with deep longing. The black 3rd world veil, made my throat tight...made me so sad...but also i could sense the power in that subservience...that witnessing the feminine even in her most shackled and repressed form in patriarchy could not be torn asunder. The paradox that in your embodiment of weakness I could feel the strength and vibrancy of the feminine spirit. And the fourth...so colorful, synthesizing all the worlds so wonderfully, more maturely, like the crone with new wisdom lost innocent, earned strength.

B. the props/ lay-out of the Dance (altar/circular seating/vortex of time-center pyramid);
Loved, loved loved you coming out of the center...emerging like a chrysalis in a cocoon. Multiple costume changes...thrilled me, kept me entranced...

C. the music with overlaid story, during the four Dances:
Loved it, loved it...the music touched me deeply...

D. the story of the Worlds between the Dances with slide-show:
YES having it multimedia made it so powerful
E. the dynamic/movement of the Dances:

Absolutely loved the Dances, and how beautiful and agile your body is...your strength, fierce spirit at times coupled by struggle and grace and ease at others...captured so many aspects of the female experience.”