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  • The first wave of Affiliate Partners who sign-up with Healing Through Nature -- will receive 50% of the received payment from participants -- as PASSIVE INCOME.
  • The Online Courses -- in total -- exceed $3000 as stand-alone courses -- per participant, and exceed $4000 -- with the bundled Courses (soon to be posted).  This total does not include Trainings, for which Affiliates can also receive PASSIVE INCOME.
  • LAUNCH DATE OF ONLINE COURSES:   The projected launch date of the Stage One Coursework is within one to two weeks; the Stage Two Coursework will be released -- and is dependant on Affiliate sign-ups and related promotional efforts.  Invitations will be offered during this time-frame.
  • Affiliate partners -- will receive marketing materials and options -- to increase the potential for PASSIVE INCOME. For example, a free webinar can be offered on the Affiliate's platform, in addition to other products and services.
  • Affiliates can request a Syllabus and Description of the Courses, and can also request an on-line conversation with Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide: ella hope.  There is a Calendar at the base of Stage One Coursework -- to request a specific date and time.
  • Thank you for your time and consideration: please continue to read below.  Blessings.


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Thank you for your time and consideration. 

You are Invited to be an Affiliate of Healing Through Nature.

Healing Through Nature --  in regard to its products and services -- are protected under the 7Phases® Trademark (with the USPTO: United States Patent & Trademark Office), and Registered Copyrights -- since 1999 (with the Copyright Office/ 

These protections maintain the integrity of the Work--  that is offered by Healing Through Nature. Any violations will be enforced by one of the attorneys who assists Healing Through Nature. 

Healing Through Nature is based on Reciprocal Relationships, and aligns with the Elemental Ethics of Nature -- Peace, Love & Healing -- in Service to Mother Earth.   

If you are considering becoming an Affiliate, and engaging in Reciprocal Relationship with Healing Through Nature, please know the following: 

  • The Affiliate Program is monitored through the professional and renowned --  Kajabi Affiliate Program platform.
  • You will receive a percentage of all Conversions/ Sales -- from sales/participants -- who you have referred. 
  • Please confirm and/or negotiate your percentage with Healing Through Nature.
  • You will receive a Login password, to your Affiliate account; you will have your own dashboard, with all of your analytics and statistics. The Kajabi Affiliate Program  keeps track of your sales through "cookies".
  • You can view all the statistics -- regarding the passive income you will receive.
  • For Affiliates who exceed $300, or according to new tax laws for small business, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the tax year. 
  • Healing Through Nature will pay  via its  business PayPal account.
  • Healing Through Nature offers its Stage One Coursework to persons of all belief, background, and physical ability -- and per request and need -- offers Coupons -- so all can engage.
  • The guided, cumulative, and transformative Courseworks are based on strict protocol & Teachings -- where the Stage Three, Four and Five Courseworks -- require prerequisites, or a demonstrable level of competency and commitment, in alignment with Elemental Ethics.
  • Your passive income can increase over time -- as more practitioners/ students advance to the subsequent Stages of online coursework; you will get credit/ payment for continuing students.
  • For example, if you receive 50% of the amount received for participants who pay for Stage One Coursework, you will receive 25% for any subsequent Courses that the participant purchases. In this way, you can continually earn passive income.

Please review the following tabs/ pages below, as you consider a Reciprocal Relationship with Healing Through Nature:

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Thank you for your time and consideration.

Blessings --and with gratitude,

Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide: ella hope.

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