The Teachings and Ethics of Healing Through Nature, as facilitated and taught by Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide: Ella hope, are maintained under strict protocol and protection from the corresponding Elemental Realms (Landscapes), and Spirit Realms, in Service to Mother Earth, aligned with the Elemental Ethics of Nature: Peace, Love & Healing. 

Healing Through Nature

Author & Practice-Guide

ella hope is an author, educator, workshop & training facilitator, and multi-media presenter. She has been a Ritual Dance Theatre performance artist at large Women’s Spirituality festivals and conferences for over twenty years. She has presented, taught, facilitated and performed the subject-matter of Healing Through Nature since 1999, and she continues to teach in online formats. She has taught and presented  in Canada, Britain, Bermuda, New Zealand, and in different regions of the USA. 

Her broad reach includes: international/ national conferences, congresses, forums, festivals, colleges, art galleries, yoga-movement arts studios, health food co-ops, temples, and retreat centers.

As a business woman and entrepreneur, she is the owner of the Mother Earth Eco-Center, a 6300 sq/ft ceremonial lodge with adjoining residences, with corresponding privately-owned forests, where she has held 7Phases® Trainings, and workshops on Healing Through Nature.


 The Work of Healing Through Nature the culmination of thirty years of development, and twenty years of facilitation and teaching of the Practice with Nature. The Work has been sourced and Gifted through Cycles of Initiation with the elemental-spirit realms, and brought forth into maps and frameworks through the analytic skills and processes of Documentation, that the author developed in undergraduate and graduate studies, and Ritual Dance Theatre performance.

In 2010, after ten years of teaching the Work, ella hope had two 500-page Volumes printed to expand her author-platform, so she could teach on the international level.  In 2020, after five years of further honing the Practice, she printed the 300-page Practice-Guide for her 9-month online Course which will lead to 7Phases® Teacher Certification.


ella hope is the Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide.  In her new book, A Course, she shares the unfoldment and sources of the larger Work of Healing Through Nature through Stories of the Liminal over the past thirty years. During this time she has also taught and facilitated the Practice with Nature for over twenty years.   

The author, ella hope, is a fourth generation healer in a lineage of academically-educated healers (as has been documented). Her father, grandfather, and great grandfather were medical doctors and specialists, and worked in countries abroad; her father and grandparents also survived four years in prisoner-of-war camp. This fueled her need to ask “Why?”, and ardent search for “a different Way”, in response to her own Soul Path and Calling.

In regard to the author’s collegiate credentials, in her early years, she received an honors B.A. in English, with later coursework from three graduate schools that included studies in Clinical Psychology (Antioch U.), Dance Therapy (Princeton U.), and World Arts & Cultures (UCLA); she also has five years of post-bac study in psychology and movement composition, with many more years in technical dance. Her first mentor of ten years was a Jungian analyst, which gave her access to rare books on Depth Psychology, Religion, and Myth. This intellectual background gave the author the needed analytical skills, as she received the Work of Healing Through Nature, as it was sourced and Gifted from the elemental-spirit realms, through on-going Cycles of Initiation.

In her new book, in Part 1, the author includes the story of her First Calling from the Forest at age 18, and also, her Soul Path which was evident in elementary school, with her ability to “see” into the Unseen Realms. It was during her fourth Cycle of Initiation at age 28, that the Practice with Nature was developed in Bermuda; it was here where the Work was first supported by the African Bermudian Community and sponsored by Amnesty International on the steps of City Hall. This is testament to the scope and gravity of the Work and its larger vision and awareness of the Paradigm of Mother Earth. (At the time, this was termed the “Return of the Divine Feminine”).

Importantly, ella hope was Gifted the Work from the elemental-spirit realms in response to her need to heal her dance-related, cervical-spine injury. With her extensive training in movement composition and technical dance, and the objective-subjective observation skills that she developed through collegiate education, ella hope developed processes of Documentation, after which she continued to assist others on their healing journeys, through the Practice with Nature.    ***