Healing Through Nature offers, through the Healing Through Nature Community the following: 7Phases® Daily Practice Videos, 9-Month Online Course, Books, and Trainings at the Mother Earth Eco-Center.
The Teachings and Ethics are maintained under strict protocol and protection from the corresponding Elemental Realms (Landscapes), and Spirit Realms, in Service to Mother Earth, aligned with the Elemental Ethics of Nature: Peace, Love & Healing. 

The 7Phases® Products & Services


The products and services of Healing Through Nature, that include the Online Courses, Books & Trainings, are protected and identified under the 7Phases® Trademark.  The books are also protected under Registered Copyrights since 1999.



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Healing Through Nature bridges complementary healing, vibrational medicine, and eco-shamanic practice.

The purpose is to teach skills and practices that assist persons with “Re-Membering”, as we transform with the high-frequency shift and Paradigm of Mother Earth, based on the Elemental Ethics of Nature of Nature: Peace, Love, and Healing.

The mission of Healing Through Nature is to assist persons from all background, belief and physical ability, with Transformation, as we deepen our:

  1. EXPLORATION (in Stage One Coursework),
  2. ENGAGEMENT (in Stage Two Coursework), and
  3. COMMITMENT (in Stage Three Coursework) --- to the New Frontier &  Paradigm of Mother Earth.

Healing Through Nature enables changes in:

  • the perception of self;
  • shifts in beliefs and attitudes; and
  • changes in action, in daily and long-term practice, during each Stage of the online Coursework. 

Healing Through Nature:

  • bridges complementary healing, vibrational medicine, and eco-shamanic practice with its Stage One, Two & Three Coursework;
  • offers self-healing Practice with its Stage One & Two Coursework, and advanced self-healing in Stage Three Coursework; 
  • offers a variety of cumulative and Corollary Practices for experienced practitioners, in Stage Four Courseworks;
  • offers advanced Shamanic Practice & Training --  in Stage Five Courseworks.  


7Phases® Online Courses with Five Stages of guided, cumulative and transformational Skill Development, with the following: 

* in-depth Courseworks;

* Downloads/ PDF's -- each with Questions for the Practice-Journal;  

* Group Comments at the end of each Category/ chapter (which has multiple Posts/ Teachings);

* Private/ closed group Healing Through Nature Community throughout each Course (similar to Facebook group);

* Assessments emailed to the instructor, after each Category/ chapter (that has multiple Posts/ Teachings).

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7Phases® Books, including:

  • Two 500-page Sourcebooks: Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice & Reference Guide:  Volumes I & II.
  • A Course in Healing Through Nature: Life-Skills & Practices of the New Frontier & Paradigm of Mother Earth.  Included with the Courseworks.


7Phases® Group Trainings at the:

Mother Earth Eco-Center, in NW Washington State, with corresponding Cedar-Fir rainforest;

* Sacred & Ritual Landscapes where the instructor has trained for many years, with the permission of the Elder and guardian of the Lands.

Mother Earth Eco-Center & 7PHASES® TRAININGS