Healing Through Nature

Author & Practice-Guide

Ella Hope has taught and facilitated the Practice with Nature for over twenty years, on the national and international level, at Conferences, Festivals, Forums, Colleges, Co-ops, and at her Mother Earth Eco-Center, an 8500 sq/ft ceremonial lodge with adjoining residences and intentional community, home of the 7Phases® Trainings.

The larger Work of Healing Through Nature has been developed for over thirty years and includes the Extended Practices with larger Landscapes, and been honed and developed through Cycles of Initiation, aligned with Elemental Ethics: Peace, Love & Healing.

Ella is the author of two 500-page volumes:  Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide: Volumes I & II. The Volumes  include select images from the photographic gallery-collections of the Body in Nature.  She is also the author of Healing Nature-Scapes, and two forthcoming books in 2023: A Course in Healing Through Nature, and Stories from the Liminal.

 Her author website includes the Healing Through Nature Community and Library of over one hundred 7Phases® Daily Practice-Videos, for practitioners to hone their Practice with Nature, or Seven Phases Practice.

The Teachings and Ethics of Healing Through Nature, as facilitated and taught by Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide: Ella hope, are maintained under strict protocol and protection from the corresponding Elemental Realms (Landscapes), and Spirit Realms, in Service to Mother Earth, aligned with the Elemental Ethics of Nature: Peace, Love & Healing.